Day 7.

First weigh-in. 

Don’t worry, I know that these results are not typical at least after the first week as we lose a LOT of water weight during the first week but it’s always a boost on the journey. I’ve been to this rodeo so many times, you think they’d put my name on a saddle. Instead, I just love on my saddlebags and keep working on the downsizing. 

This week reminded me that this journey is really about me. 

Even though Erik is doing WW in conjunction with me, he has his journey and I have mine. I cannot get caught up in his determination but I can support him and encourage and root him on without making him get all weirdo about food like I did when I went on my first diet at age 13. My first…ugh. If we counted the number of times I’ve worked on my weight I would far surpass the number of wives of Henry the VIII or Elizabeth Taylor. Heck, I’d surpass the number of eggs in a standard carton, let alone the number of hours in a day.

I’ve played this game too many times and each time it was about the wrong things and the wrong reasons. I saw it as a diet or restrictive. I saw it as some sort of “acceptable” goal rather than what I know I can maintain and what body size I would like to be and feel comfortable in. Age is definitely a bonus when working on your issues with food, it is not however a bonus when you’re contending with hormones, metabolism rates, and general mobility issues. However, that’s another topic for another day.

I’m doing this because I actually want to understand and work on the actual relationship I have with food. I want to learn more about balance and moderation. I want to be kind when I need to splurge but I want to find other ways to also splurge. I want to enjoy food and not deny myself and this time…it’s about making tweak-able commitments to myself for the long haul, the rest of my life. 

So here’s to the first week of the rest of my life!


This is my GO-TO snack food. I frigging love these chips and for a while, they were super hard to find which I lamented greatly. I do have a regular habit in the past of completing an entire bag in one sitting because once I start I love them so much that stopping isn’t in the cards. This week I actually counted servings and didn’t get all “clean plate-y” with it. So win-win. Eat what I love but in moderation. Today I won the battle, and I will fight it each time and be ok with wins and losses. This is long-term not short-term.


If you want to follow the daily grind find me on Instagram at: @fatgirlfocused

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