Sound of Metal

I heard about “Sound of Metal” during awards season buzz. I heard it was about those who could not hear and I wondered why a movie about hearing loss or deafness would be called “Sound of Metal”. Was it a metaphor for the vibrations that sound makes on metal? Was it something bigger?

It was because the main character was in a metal band.

He’s the drummer of a metal band.

Well, okay that makes sense then.

RIZ AHMED in Sound of Metal

But this movie is about making sense of losing a sense. All of a sudden and now having to determine do you fight for what was before or do you lean into what is now? Given this loss, the main character copes by being taken into a sobriety community of deaf individuals. The head of the community shares a common thread with our metal drummer…he was not born deaf. He became deaf due to a situation suddenly in combat. Both know what it was like to hear.

The movie is a wonderful existentialist journey between trying to run back to your own sense of “normal” even while life is showing you the possibilities and beauty that exist in your new narrative. The possibility and potential of goodness, light and fitting into a new “normal”. Wanting to just be back to the you you were before, not after this tragedy or trauma.

It’s uncomfortable though, new territory…the unknown; but as anyone who’s lived through and is continuing to push forward through the last 2 years of uncertainty knows (well, those who’ve been paying attention), knows that this is that time. It’s the hard reset. It’s the assess your before and lean into what you should be or could be.

We’re in a world of such unbelievable nonsense from all different sides. But I see the possibility of light, if we want it, if we want to bring that light forward it’s our duty to leave all the old fears, the old biases behind everything behind us.

It’s sometimes as simple as the title of a movie about a metal-music drummer.

4 1/2 OUT OF 5 STARS

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