Scents of the Season

This gal is rarely a basic bitch however there are some basic needs that I love, adore, and live by. Ever since losing my sense of smell for over 1 year due to lingering symptoms of covid 19, I have become obsessed with scents and wanting and needing to smell things that produce lovely sense memories. In fact, you never know how much you will miss your sense of smell and taste until you no longer have it or it’s heavily skewed towards things smelling nothing like they once did. So I decided to sell Scentsy somewhere in this journey to regain my olfactory nerves as much as possible.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not the typical direct seller, in fact, I rarely overpromote that side of my life unless there’s something I really love and frankly the one thing I love is having a different scent profile for my home each week by using the wax bars/melts. With 3 dogs and the potential for fire hazards, switching to wax melts from candles has been a game-changer for me, and each month I hand select the 4 scents that I will use to decorate my home this year.

So what am I burning this December?

Week 1 > Bayberry & Currant

Bayberry Candles remind me of my Mother. They were a must-have on our dining room table throughout the Christmas holidays. In fact, it’s a tradition that I have forgotten since her death and I am planning to revive it. Legend has it that flames flicker on bayberry candles both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve and are to be burned down to the nub. This generations-old tradition stems from the legend that the burning of the candles on these days brought about blessings of abundance in the coming year and trust me, I’m good with that.

Week 2 > Black Forest Pine

My father is originally from Rudesheim am Rhein, Germany, and visiting Germany is one of the dearest parts of my childhood. This blend is my way of honoring him as well even though we are miles apart and he’s a shadow of his former self.

Week 3 > Very Snowy Spruce

As Christmas nears, the desire to have snow for this northern-born girl grows. Living in the South has been quite an adjustment and for the first time in the 21 years that I’ve lived in Tennessee, we had snow on Christmas Eve into Christmas morning. It was wondrous and it stuck and it was the most beautiful gift for a very hard year.

Week 4 > Be Merry

This week is a need for me to really remember how grateful I am for the things that I do have in my life. Christmas into New Year is the largest wake-up and slow-down reminder to treasure the smaller things and that is exactly what I plan to do. I will Be Merry for I am grateful for what I have and what I have had in the past as well as what is to be.

WHAT are some traditions that you do during the holidays?

As I rebuild my own sense of self I want to establish traditions that match my history and who I have become.

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