Season 13, Episode 6

FISH FIXE : Taking the Fear out of making Fish

Initially, I was super interested! I am very much wanting to keep working to add fish into my diet on the regular but I have grown up actually begin afraid of fish (yes, actually fish phobic); but I love shrimp and lobster and crab. I eat tuna fish (canned and in the pouch), and I love sashimi tuna as well. I know how healthy fish is but getting me to try it is actually rather difficult. Blessedly Hello Fresh and other box meal plans have helped me give a few fish dishes a shot. I have learned that I like tilapia and if it’s done right and not too thick, I like salmon. I was very excited about this Shark Deal but then when I went to the site they curate the boxes and you cannot customize them at all, that terrifies me. I am very happy to add a different fish in every box if I did the subscription but I was turned off by the lack of customization and the price tag. Hopefully being in business a bit longer will give them the ability to make options that are a little more new user friendly.

HELLO PRENUP : Making Pre-Nuptial Agreements Easier and More Affordable

I like the concept, especially since younger generations definitely have different concepts of marriage and monogamy and I agree that this should be something more easy and feasible for all people, so the concept is interesting. Not that I have much to even warrant a prenuptial agreement. Alas, demystify and make it more accessible, I’m all for that.

DEUX : Supplements rolled into Edible Cookie Dough

I found it quite funny that the slender girl didn’t care about the calories however those of us who are trying very hard to watch our caloric intake for various reasons have to think about these things. I am not 100% sure that I can roll with this but I WOULD try it.

HIDRENT : Off Duty – On Demand. Hire a firefighter for your home project.

This idea is a great one. Make handyman work available and give that work to some of our nation’s finest, our firefighters. If it’s still an option when it comes the time that I may need this, I will definitely use this service.

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