Bitch Gotta Do Something: Yes, Again

Lifestyle | Health | Body Positivity | Health at Any Size AM POST (AMP UP): Well, it's that time. "It's about damn time!" as Lizzo sings proudly on her latest track which is unavoidable if you are on tiktok, and honestly is a wonderful anthem for just deciding to do what you want to do... Continue Reading →

My Name is Anna

My name is Anna. I am the daughter of Shirley and John. The granddaughter of Anne and Charles, Paul and Maria. The great-granddaughter of Mary. As I sit here today it is the first full day of the rest of my life that none of those people mentioned above are a part of this physical... Continue Reading →

Day 7.

First weigh-in.  Don’t worry, I know that these results are not typical at least after the first week as we lose a LOT of water weight during the first week but it’s always a boost on the journey. I’ve been to this rodeo so many times, you think they’d put my name on a saddle.... Continue Reading →

2022 Begins.

January 1st, 2022. 5:26 AM the phone rings. "Hey Anna, it's your brother. Dad dislocated his hip again and when he fell he hit his head so he has some bleeding on the brain and they moved him to ICU." What a way to start the day. I am here, having intentionally gone to bed... Continue Reading →

For Christopher

Erik suggested that I look back and take inventory the best way I know how so that I can reflect and collect what was needed from the past and use it as I find what my forward is. And so...part of his suggestion was to curate a playlist for the biggest loves and lessons of... Continue Reading →

Don’t Look Up

Scathingly poignant satire. Not going to be for everyone. But sadly more human than human. What do you do when you have all the possibilities to potentially fix something that could destroy us all? You ignore the science and play the game. Yup. Because there's no money in honesty and nobody wants to hear/read/see the... Continue Reading →

Sound of Metal

I heard about "Sound of Metal" during awards season buzz. I heard it was about those who could not hear and I wondered why a movie about hearing loss or deafness would be called "Sound of Metal". Was it a metaphor for the vibrations that sound makes on metal? Was it something bigger? It was... Continue Reading →

Tick, Tick…Boom!

Being a lover and admirer of musical theater, probably since I was 5 years old and saw Annie on Broadway Jonathan Larson was the voice of new broadway as the nineties rolled in and I wasn't ready yet. I was coming full bloom on my love affair with Kander and Ebb having lovingly outgrown my... Continue Reading →

Scents of the Season

This gal is rarely a basic bitch however there are some basic needs that I love, adore, and live by. Ever since losing my sense of smell for over 1 year due to lingering symptoms of covid 19, I have become obsessed with scents and wanting and needing to smell things that produce lovely sense... Continue Reading →

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