Unworthy of Your Love: My Sondheim Memories

Playlist Yesterday 11/27/21 the artistic and world as a whole lost a bright light. To say that Sondheim didn't leave a huge impact on me as a lover of the musical would be nothing short of fiction. I will never forget the day I stumbled upon a viewing on cable of Sunday in the Park... Continue Reading →

Season 13, Episode 6

FISH FIXE : Taking the Fear out of making Fish https://shop.fishfixe.com/ Initially, I was super interested! I am very much wanting to keep working to add fish into my diet on the regular but I have grown up actually begin afraid of fish (yes, actually fish phobic); but I love shrimp and lobster and crab.... Continue Reading →

Breakfast at Wendy’s

Good morning everyone!  Actually, at the time you're reading this it could be any time of day so..."HI," instead. Your semi-fearless foodie folks down here in the Tennessee basin of Knoxville have been looking for ways to keep you informed about our 2 cent opinions on good eats and otherwise and as life has been... Continue Reading →

Talkin’ Flicks: Watchmen

A Throwback 2 Cent Review from 2009 Truth be told, Jim, PC, JD, AD and I went to see this movie the weekend it opened…alas, it’s taken me this long to write my review of it.  Why?  Well, how about that the film left me with a whole lotta “eh”.  Let me start from the... Continue Reading →

I am SHE…Melpomene

Written 11/2013 by Me (Anna Maria Terlinden Rogers) Cells that divided under stress,and rooted in the womb of a woman unknowing.Tested, unrested, distress,in learning a life was present and should not be.My life began with tears,a beautiful girl swimming in a sea of uncertainty.Keep her? Kill her? So many fears,and the decision to proceed despite... Continue Reading →

Boxing in the Kitchen

A review of our experiences with Hello Fresh! Which we are still using today...post originally penned in March 2021. THE COOK'S EXPERIENCE (ERIK'S SIDE/HE SAID) When my significant other suggested that we try cooking at home, I was really excited. I was thinking to myself, now I can show off my culinary skills and introduce... Continue Reading →

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