He is a Wordsmith

He is a wordsmith. I hold him in a memory. I am beautifully resilient. I have always been. I am blessed by that. You were my Achilles' heel, the wax I built my wings out of as I tried to fly towards the sun, the shine on those 30 pieces of silver that I betrayed... Continue Reading →

Watching “Self-Employed”

One of the shows on standard cable that I happen to love is admittedly "Shark Tank", and I know that's not everyone's cup of tea. First of all, I know that it can be brutal if an entpreneur or inventor walks in without their numbers for the investors/sharks, or they haven't really done enough of... Continue Reading →

Wing Love and Smell Be Gone

FIND There's a new wing joint in town and so far, so really good! It's apparently a chain so see if there's one near you: WINGS OVER...well in my case, WINGS OVER KNOXVILLE! Another new joint down in the UT campus area, which no doubt will do well given good wings and good tenders. We... Continue Reading →

I Need to Friend-Zone Pizza

I’ve worn only black pants since age 22. Seriously. Black. Friggin’. Pants. No jeans. No noisy corduroys. No fun colorful or patterned stretchy leggings. Black pants. All because I’m in a completely consuming relationship. He’s everything I want and he’s always there when I need him. He’s socially acceptable and gets along with almost everyone.... Continue Reading →

Would It Ever Be The Same

She wondered if it would ever be the same. The deep breaths that yielded oxygenated lungs, but no sweet scent of the things she longed for. The comfort of the kitchen, the nisus of her handmade dough, her home-grown vegetables, the milkiness of the fresh mozzarella and the garlic and oregano which she always used... Continue Reading →

Squid Game (Season 1 Completed)

I first read about Squid Game from a Facebook post made by Questlove playfully re-creating a conversation between him and his Bae and the fact that he was excited about a new viral show on Netflix which everyone is watching...and she's already binged. I giggled at this, and then quickly dismissed the thought of even... Continue Reading →

Boundaries and the Home-Bound

I don't know what to say tonight.  I am deeply hurt and feel almost duped by my father. He's been pretty clear for the most part since I arrived here on Friday, yesterday we interviewed a family friend who is willing to help with some respite sitting for my brother to be able to juggle... Continue Reading →

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